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Recommended for credit card merchants who do business across local and international borders such as airport shops or tourist attractions. Also manufacturers or retailers with significant inventory or multiple locations.

MX MERCHANT ENTERPRISE is the most robust MX Merchant credit card processing product. Built to include all the features associated with MX Merchant, the Enterprise product lets you manage multiple locations including real-time inventory with a capacity up to 50,000 items. It's the most comprehensive MX Merchant Priority offers.

MX Merchant Enterprise also includes the advanced technology of MXM Pay by Name. Now, approved customers can initiate a payment transaction simply by introducing themselves. There's no faster or more convenient way to pay, and it's brought to you by Priority.

Credit card processing videos World Class Customer Service, Calls answered in four rings by a qualified representative.
MX Merchant Enterprise expands on MX Merchant Premium with these features:

Multiple Locations

Integrate systems, financials and inventory management across multiple locations, around town or around the globe.

MXM Pay by Name

Allow your best customers to pay by credit card simply by introducing themselves with this advanced technology.


Robust, real-time inventory management with a capacity up to 50,000 items across multiple locations. Additional inventory capacity can be added in 10,000 unit increments.

MX Merchant Enterprise also includes:

Reporting and Analysis

Wide range of reports puts actionable data at your fingertips. Take control of your information to spot trends, avoid problems and more efficiently manage your business.

Customer Service
(4 Rings and Resolve)

Your call will be answered within 4 rings by someone qualified to assist with your request.

API Access (Transactions)

Integrate MX Merchant with third party software and accounting systems, access data and perform payment transactions.

Cloud POS (Virtual Terminal)

Save money on equipment by turning any computer into a point of sale credit card processing system.

Mobile POS APP

Turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a full-featured, handheld point of sale system. Take transactions to the customer, whether on the sales floor or on site in a home or office.

Custom Invoices

Create professional-looking invoices branded with your company identity for print or email delivery.

Recurring Invoices

Save time, reduce paperwork and improve cash flow with automatically recurring invoices.

Advanced Payments

Give customers options to make payments quickly from within an emailed invoice with a click, link or text with MXM Click2Pay, MXM Link2Pay or MXM Text2Pay.

Encrypted Card Readers

Reliable card swiping with security features that meet PCI DSS certification requirements.

Approved Shopping Carts

Select from a variety of web based shopping carts to integrate with your inventory and billing features. Please contact Developer Advocate for approved shopping carts at: (877) 445-8195 or

Couponing, Micro Marketing

Capture and track customer information and preferences to create customized promotions.


Tailor your own loyalty program based on customer visits, spending or points.

Accounting System Integration

Integrate seamlessly with your existing accounting system.

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