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MX Merchant Reporting, MX Merchant Reporting provides merchants with actionable data at their fingertips making it easier for them to spot trends, avoid problems and manage their business. Developers can use API access to integrate with existing systems. Recommended for merchants with basic bank card processing requirements including home businesses and single location retailers.
MX Merchant Basic, Expand your credit card payment processing options with a virtual terminal and card reader or a hand-held, mobile POS. Includes small scale inventory management, recurring invoices and advanced payment options such as MXM Click2Pay. Recommended for business with recurring billing requirements including membership organizations, real estate management companies and utilities. Also merchants who make sales at the customer's location such as consultants, contractors or restaurants.
MX Merchant Plus: Accept, authorize and process web based credit card payments.  Make online shipping cart sales, with advanced CNP fraud protection to reduce risk. Inventory capability up to 1000 items. Recommended for bank card merchants with web based sales requirements, including online retailers, hosting companies and businesses offering online payment options.
MX Merchant Premium: create customizable marketing, couponing and loyalty programs! MX Merchant Premium integrates seamlessly with your existing accounting system, and offers expanded inventory up to 25,000 items. Recommended for merchants who cultivate repeat business such as mid-sized retailers, restaurants  convenience stores, theaters and other entertainment venues.
MX Merchant Enterprise: manage your business across city, state, or even international lines! MX Merchant Enterprise enables multi-location inventory, dynamic currency conversion and tax calculation in multiple jurisdictions. Includes advanced technologies such as MXM Pay by Name. Recommended for bank card merchants do business across local and international borders such as airport shops or tourist attractions. Also manufacturers or retailers with significant inventory or multiple locations.
Comprehensive online reporting and analysis, backed by Priority's 4 Rings and Resolve service.
Reporting plus Mobile POS App, recurring invoices, advanced payment options and small-scale inventory capabilities.
Go beyond Basic with seamless shopping cart integration, enabling web based sales. Offers broader inventory control.
All the benefits of Plus along with micro marketing, couponing and customizable loyalty programs. Integrates easily with your existing accounting system.
The most comprehensive MX Merchant provides all the features you need to manage multiple locations. Offers MXM Pay by Name.
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