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Why Priority It's Easy to Get Started

Easy Transition

Becoming a Priority customer is simple-just give us a call. If you're a new business, it really is that easy. We can qualify you over the phone. We've got the terminals and the software to get you started accepting payments and the credit card processing tools you need to watch your profits and be sure you stay on track.

The Best Nationwide Reseller Network

If you already have a contract with a bank card processor, it's still that easy to switch to Priority's advanced payment solutions. We have a nationwide network of resellers, so it's simple to have a regional representative review your current arrangement and manage the transition for you. Your reseller will help you design a credit card processing solution that suits the way you do business and is your first line of training, assistance and support. Our goal is to make the switch seamless and painless. At the same time, we'll be looking for ways to lower your ongoing costs by making your credit card payment processes more efficient.