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Press Release

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Afshin Yazdian, President

Priority's Fundraising Solutions division has signed up the Swansboro Area Development Foundation in support of its Project Give Back program

Priority Fundraising Solutions works to support schools, foundations, non-profits and charities in their efforts to attract contributions and retain donors. We offer options for online donor management, event point of sale solutions and school management software. We also invite organizations to participate in Project Give Back, a revenue sharing program that generates contributions from your business patrons - at no cost to them! Project Give Back's revenue sharing programs provide a unique opportunity for organizations and their business donors. Partners get a new, ongoing revenue stream and patrons get the advantage of great rates and service on credit card processing from Priority Payment Systems.

Priority Payment Systems provides credit card processing, next generation technologies, competitive pricing and world-class customer service that make the sales process simpler, faster, smarter and more efficient.

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